The euro-panel of the EXCEL wall is coated with latex paint (Bindo 7). When cleaning the euro-panel, it is recommended:

To use alkaline and neutral detergents.
To dose according to the supplier’s instructions.
Not to use detergents containing organic solvents (e.g. alcohol).
To use wash-water that has been warmed up to the suitable temperature (lukewarm). Hot water can soften the paint layer and complicate cleaning.
To use a soft brush or a sponge.
To rinse with clean water after cleaning.
The cleanability of the surfaces can vary, depending on the gloss and washability of different paints. It is recommended to clean the glass surfaces of the EXCEL walls and the film-coated surfaces with glass cleaners in accordance with the instructions of the producer of the glass cleaner. Soft cloth or tissue should be used for drying. It is not allowed to use abrasive detergents and mechanical scraping.

It is recommended to clean the PVC components of the EXCEL wall with a moist cloth and thereafter to dry with a clean soft cloth.

When cleaning the aluminium components of the EXCEL wall, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent and a soft brush or a sponge. After cleaning, it is recommended to rinse with clean water. It is not recommended to clean the aluminium components with an abrasive paste, since it will damage the cleaned surface.  Additional information: Recommendations for washing painted surfaces (ES Sadolin AS)